How Will It Affect Us?

This article is intended to provide more detail on what is proposed as part of the Third Runway solution at Heathrow. It is intended to provide residents of Chiswick with sufficient information to make a judgement on the impact on our lives and homes of the extra flights flying over us, that the new runway will enable.


What Is Being Proposed

The diagram below shows the location of the new, Third Runway being proposed at Heathrow airport.  It is intended to be built over the fields and two villages that sit to the North of the Airport, and across the current line of the M25.  You will be able to see this runway and the new 6th Terminal on the left when driving out of London on the M4, and when approaching/using the M25 junction there. As you turn onto the M25, the road will be buried in a new tunnel that will have to be dug under the current road line, requiring an extra £5Bn of funding on top of the £17Bn to build the runway and ensuring years of trafffic delay on and around the M4 into London.

Map of Third Runway

Apart from the massive traffic disruption required to bury the M25 in a tunnel, the new runway is pointed directly at Chiswick, requiring planes to line up over Chiswick High Road to come into land. The planes that will be landing on this new line up over Chiswick are extra, and in addition to, the current volume of flights landing at Heathrow.  The proposal document from Heathrow suggest that capacity at the airport would increase by 220,000 flights a year to a total of 740,000.This will significantly add to the visual pollution, noise pollution, and fumes pollution imposed on Chiswick as well as adding to traffic travelling to and from the airport. It must be remembered that Heathrow, unlike Gatwick, has been consistently in breach of its pollution targets in recent years. The new capacity would mean.there would be another 28,000 people suffering noise of over 70 decibels.


The diagram below shows the lines (in red) of all the flight paths for landing and take off that will be enbled by the new Third Runway.  What you can see is that the Third Runway will allow a new, additional line of planes to take-off and land on a line with Chiswick High Road and the streets to the North and South of it, with the impact spreading north to Acton and Ealing.


The Impact On Our Homes

For the owners of Heathrow, the potential to expand capacity at the airport is a wholly commercial opportunity to increase revenue and share value of their enterprise. However, what is not factored into calculations is the reduction in value of our key assets - our homes.    CHATR is currently undertaken a survey of West London estate agents to ascertain a final figure. Current calculations suggest that homes under the flight path valued at 20-25% less than comparative property out of the flight line.  For a property of £1M in West London that is a reduction in equity value of £200-250K.  This is value that the residents of West London are effectively being asked to transfer to the shareholders of Heathrow as part of expanding capacity.  CHATR will publish the final calculations when research amongst the agents is complete.


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