Five Reasons To Say No

CHATR has identified the five key reasons why it is crucial to 'No To 3rd Runway'


Noise Pollution

  • New flight paths for the proposed 3rd runway are predicted to pollute large areas of Chiswick that have never been directly overflown before.
  • Planes would be at a height of around 2,000 feet producing noise of 70-80 dB, well in excess of the 55 dB threshold.
  • Planes are likely to be running every minute or so, for up to 12 hours a day with a mere four hour respite, or 16 hours a day for three weeks, then a week's respite.
  • Scientific studies show noise irritation leads to serious health detriments including hypertension & heart disease, and can affect children’s learning & cognition.


Air Pollution

  • M.I.T. research suggests that Heathrow aviation pollution causes 50 early deaths a year and that figure could rise to 150 if a third runway is built.
  • London’s air pollution causes up to 10,000 deaths annually and that figure is bound to rise with the increased traffic in West London serving a 3rd runway. NO2 levels around Heathrow already breach legal requirements.
  • A petrol car compliant with current emission standards would need to travel 250,000 miles before it would produce the same amount of NO2 that a single aircraft will produce on average during a landing/take off cycle (25 kg).


Physical Security

  • There has been little discussion of how to avoid London turning into Lockerbie. Or Sharm el-Sheikh.


Poor value for Britain

  • It has been claimed that it is unpatriotic not to support Heathrow. It is hard to understand how an airport owned by Chinese, Qatari, Singaporean, & Spanish shareholders that provides up to 36% of its capacity to travellers in transit, and who never leave the airport, is supporting Britain.
  • The Airports Commission’s conclusions - including the headline economic benefit of £147 billion - have been criticised by the very economic experts who were drafted in to provide advice.
  • Numerous assumptions in the Commission’s economic model have been challenged including over optimistic growth rates and huge cost underestimates e.g. Transport for London argues the real cost of transport infrastructure would be £15-20 billion not the £5 billion estimated by the Commission. Distinguished economist, Professor Kay, argues ‘little weight should be attached to the model relied on by the Airports Commission.’


Impact On Our Properties

  • Property prices are predicted to fall, on average by 10%, for those under or near new flight paths. There will be no compensation.

Download our information sheet "The Unbelievable Case Of The Third Runway" below: