Heathrow pollution: ‘Killing Me Softly…’

CHATR: Heathrow pollution: ‘Killing Me Softly…’

Following evidence that over 9,500 Londoners die from pollution each year, Hamish Pringle, Head of Creative Strategy for CHATR, examines the implications of expanding Heathrow on West London’s population.

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Examining The Figures Claimed

With the spring budget looming and questions over whether fiscal targets can be met, Garth Gascoigne, Chartered Accountant and Treasurer of Chiswick Against the Third Runway, asks if the risks outweigh the benefits for the taxpayer?

Garth Gascoigne -The report published by the Airports Commission in July 2015 suggested that the benefits of a third runway at Heathrow could be “up to £147 billion” (for the UK as a whole spread over sixty years). On closer inspection the report goes on to state that the present net benefit (the overall benefit valued in today’s money), after taking account of the related costs, was a much more modest figure of £11.8 billion (Table 7.1 Page 147). The equivalent figure for Gatwick was £10.8 billion.

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Climate change


With the prospect of a 3rd runway adding significantly to the UK’s aviation carbon emissions, Sara Furnas, co-founder of CHATR and Brent Furnas, Events Manager, CHATR, examine the impact of Heathrow expansion on climate change.

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CHATR: Opposition to Heathrow expansion ‘unstoppable’.

In the run up to the Mayoral election on 5 May, in which all candidates have declared themselves against Heathrow expansion, Nigel Walley, Head of Social Media for CHATR, considers the scale of the opposition to the 3rd runway.

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