Campaigners ‘Plant’ 2000 black paper planes outside Parliament

CarolineWilliamsCroppedOn January 5th, the day Parliament returned, campaigners against a third runway at Heathrow ‘planted’ around 2000 black paper planes in Victoria Gardens in Westminster at 10am to highlight the fact that 2016 will be a grim year for residents if a new runway is given the go-ahead.   The number is significant as we expect around 2000 flights at day will use the airport if it gets a third runway, up from 1350 a day at present.

Plane planting1 CroppedChatr representatives joined members of HACAN, the long-established group campaign group which opposes expansion, along with groups from Ealing (Ealing Noise Action Group) and the Heathrow Villages whose homes are under threat.  There were representatives of Stop Heathrow Expansion, Friends of the Earth and residents west of Heathrow (1).


HACAN Chair John Stewart said, “2016 is likely to be the year when the Government makes a decision about a new runway.  It will be a grim year for Heathrow residents if the Government decides to go for a third runway at Heathrow.  Our New Year’s message to the Prime Minister is we will fight to the bitter end to stop a third runway happening.”

Just before Christmas the Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin announced that a decision about a new runway, expected in December, would be deferred for at least another six months.  The Department for Transport is still looking at the options for a third runway at Heathrow, a second runway at Gatwick and the plan put forward by Heathrow Hub to double the length of the existing northern runway at Heathrow.  

Plane planting2 cropped       Plane planting3 cropped







Photos: Phil Weedon