CHATR Launches The ‘Heathrow Hurdles’ Campaign

Despite the rain and an early start, a large group of Chiswick residents gathered to launch the ‘Heathrow Hurdles Campaign’ outside Chiswick Town Hall on Monday 22 February. “These are hurdles that we believe Heathrow can never jump’ said Hamish Pringle who created the ‘Hurdles Campaign’ for HACAN. ‘They include pollution, noise, security, homes lost, cost, climate change, and the scale of the opposition. Each one of these creates very significant problems for Heathrow that we believe make the 3rd runway undeliverable”.

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Campaigners ‘Plant’ 2000 black paper planes outside Parliament

CarolineWilliamsCroppedOn January 5th, the day Parliament returned, campaigners against a third runway at Heathrow ‘planted’ around 2000 black paper planes in Victoria Gardens in Westminster at 10am to highlight the fact that 2016 will be a grim year for residents if a new runway is given the go-ahead.   The number is significant as we expect around 2000 flights at day will use the airport if it gets a third runway, up from 1350 a day at present.

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Take A Short Walk On Monday

ShortWalkPosterJoin Chatr in front of Chiswick Town Hall, Heathfield Terrace, W4 4JN AT 9.30am on Monday 22nd February (this coming Monday) to protest about the Third Runway being proposed for Heathrow Airport.

Press Pick Up On Plane Planting

Chiswick Herald p1 07.01.16There was a great response from the local West London and National press to the plane planting event held earlier this week.  A news team from ITV filmed the event and interviewed the representatives of HACAN and CHATR.  A full summary of the ITV coverage and the news clips can be found here.    Local coverage was led by the Chiswick Herald who featured the story on the front page of this weeks paper; and the GetWestLondon website who's coverage can be found here.  A taste of the news coverage can be found by looking at the Google search results here.